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ahhh, procrastination

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 12, 2012, 5:16 PM
It eats away at my soul~! So yeah, sorry for (VERY) late responses to comments/etc~ ;3; I love y'all though!

And now for a quiz...

For this, use this generator:…

Keep it on one pokemon unless the question tells you otherwise... Pokedex is national dex... Any type unless told to... Don't exclude legendaries or not fully evolved pokemon...You can evolve your pokemon anytime...there can be more than one Pokemon (including legendaries)...tag 5 people at the end..

1. You are starting your pokemon journey! What is your starter?
Lampent, and that pretty's name is Tea~

2. Your rival shows up! What is his first pokemon?

3. You two battle and, of course, you win. You go out onto route 1 and meet a Pokemon! You catch it and it is...
Bronzor! <3 I'll call you Exalted~

4. You come to the first town and heal your pokemon. A bug trainer comes up and says he wants to battle. his pokemon are... (pick two bug type pokemon)

5. Out on the second route, a youngster sees you. Battle!
Scyther and Watchog. GO TEA AND EXALTED. <3

6. Next town! There's a water gym here. You fight through the gym trainers and get to the gym leader! what are her pokemon? (pick two water types)
Oh shit son, tentacool and Slowbro. GO TAKE CARE OF THEM, EXALTED.

7. You have won! starting to go out of town your rival shows up. He wants to battle. (write down his first pokemon and then pick another)
Elekid, and Tynamo! Wow this dude likes his electric-types.

8. You win. Outside of town there's a house where someone offers to give you a pokemon. What is it?
TANGELA! <3333 Your name is Tic-Tac!

9. On the next route, you meet a grunt of the evil team here trying to steal a little boy's pokemon. He tells you to scram, but instead you battle! (Pick two dark types.)
Ruhoh. Vullaby and Houndour! Exalted, take care of the Vullaby; and... Uh, Tea, take care of the Houndour!

10. You beat him and he runs off. You reach the next city, where a normal type gym reigns. Battling through, you reach the gym leader. What are his pokemon? (2 normal types)
Aipom and Patrat! Easy beans for Tic-Tac.

11. Win! Onto the next town! On the next route, a hex maniac offers to guide you through the mountain in front of you, with a battle. (pick two ghost types)
Jellicent and Yamask! Well... Exalted, take care of the yamask; counting on you for the jellicent, Tic-tac!

12. On the way through the mountain you meet your next pokemon! What is it?
Swalot! I am naming you Bailey, my baby~

13. Next town and it has a ghost gym! You've gotten to the gym leader and she has... (pick three ghost types)
Spiritomb--fuck! -- Yamask, and Gastly! Well... Counting on you to rescue me, Bailey!

14. You've won and are making your way through a forest. An aroma lady wants to battle! (three grass types)
Lotad, Exeggcute, and Roselia! make quick work of them yo, Tea!

15. Heading to the town, you meet with the evil team again! They're trying to steal an ancient relic; you need to battle the admin! (Three dark types)
Honchkrow, Umbreon, and Stunky! Counting on you for the Honchkrow, Exalted; also take on the Stunky! And Tic-Tac, you handle the Umbreon~

16. You've won, but they make off with the relic. In the next town, there's no gym, but your rival wants to battle! (first two pokemon and pick two more.)
Electabuzz, evolution of Tynamo, cofagrigus, and Tangrowth! Shit man he's got Tic-Tac's evolved form. Whatever! GO TEA HANDLE TANGROWTH; EXALTED HANDLE THE ELECTRIC-TYPES AND TIC-TAC HANDLE COFAGRIGUS.

17. On the next route, a lass would like to battle. (pick 2, I guess...?)
Chimecho and... MOLTRES?! Shit man this girl is cheating. DOWN WITH HER, TEA.

18. The next town has a dark type gym! You reach the gym leader and he has... (3 dark types)
Hydreigon, Murkow, and Poochyena. Welp! Tic-tac and Exalted, I'm counting on you two once again! You too Bailey!

19. On the way to the next city, you have to pass through a desert. There, you catch your next pokemon.
Spinarak! <333 I'm calling you Muffet~

20. You've reached the city! They have a gym, but before you can go in, your rival appears! (First four pokemon and one more)
Electabuzz, Eelktross, Tangrowth, Cofagrigius, and Swellow.WELP. Uh... Uh. Oh my god.

21. You go into the gym and find it loves fire here. Reaching the gym leader, he has... (3 fire types)
Houndour, Moltres, and Magmortar. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY MOLTRESES SOB.

22. Win! You end up surfing on the next route and run into a fisherman. (4 water types)
Politoed, kinger, Lapras, and Lumineon! GO TIC-TAC HANDLE EM.

23. Next city is overrun with the evil team! You need to kick this admin's butt! (4 poison types)
Swalot, Weedle, beedrill, and Dustox! guess he wants two Beedrills. TEA HANDLE THEM~

24. You've run them out and you're onto the gym! Electric types reign here! (4 electric types)
anturn, Plusle, Thundurus (Therian) and Thundurus! GOD DAMN IT THIS GUY SUCKS AND CHEATS.

25. Time to go north to an icy town! As you walk through some snow on the route, you meet an ace trainer! (3 pokemon)

26. As you reach the city, you see the team on the mountain above the snow covered city. You can't go up until you beat the gym, though. Fight the ice! (4 ice types)
Cloyster, Kyurem (Black), Cryogonal, and Lapras! GOD WHY DO A LOT OF THESE HAVE LEGENDARIES SOB. TEA HANDLE THEM!

27. As you climb the mountain to stop the team, you're stopped by a hiker. (3 rock types)
Rhyperior, Boldore, and Tirtouga. GO TIC-TAC~ <3

28. You reach the top to find the team trying to raise an evil force! You must stop them by defeating the boss! (2 dark, 2 poison)
Liepard, Nuzleaf, Ariados, and Stunky! Dammit, they keep getting my evolutions but Exalted can take care of them along with Tea!

29. You defeat them and head into warmer climates for the last city. Along the way, you catch one more friend!
HAXOROUS?! I am totally calling you Pachy.

30. The last gym is grass type gym!(4 grass types)
Ferroseed, Roselia, Hoppip, and Sawsbuck! GO TEA~

31. Time for the Pokemon league! As you go in, a Dragon trainer pops out! (2 dragon types)
reshiram(FUCK) and Flygon! Erm... I hope Pachy can handle Reshiram, and I'm pretty sure ... Uh. Nevermind.

32. farther in, a woman offers you a trade. Will you accept? *optional*
Oh yes! Bailey, my Swalot, for... Yanma!!! Your name is Komaya? cool.

33. As you near the exit, your rival shows up. And of course, he wants to battle. (First five and one more)
Electabuzz, Eelktross, Tangrowth, Swellow, Cofagarigus, and Clamperl! easy beans.

34. healing up, you start your E4 challenge. First up is a Rock master! (5 rock types)
Reicanth, Shieldon, Omastar, Tirtouga, and Nosepass! TIC-TAC YOU GOOO.

35. Next is the Psychic Master! (5 psychic types)
Kadabra, Exeggcute, bronzor, Slowking, and Metang! Tea, take out all of them except for Slowking; Tic-Tac you handle the King!

36. Ground master is next! (5 ground types)
Drilbur, Piloswine, Hippowdon, Marshtomp, and Numel! Tic-tac, handle all of them!

37. And last before the champion... the Steel master! (5 steel types)
Genesect (WHAT), Steelix, Scizor, Bronzor, and Beldum! TEAAAA~ <3

38. And the champion is... a flying type master. To your battle station! (6 flying types)
Tornadous (therian), Skiploom, Fearow, Murkrow, Crobat, and Golbat! Welp, uh, okay you can handle them, Exalted!

39. You've won! write down your pokemon and their nicknames if they have any!
Exalted the Bronzong! :iconbronzongplz:
Muffet the Ariados! :iconariadosplz:
Komaya the Yanmega! :iconyanmegaplz:
Tea the Chandelure! :iconchandelureplz:
Tic-Tac the Tangrowth! :icontangrowthplz:
And finally, Pachy the Haxorus! :iconhaxorusplz:

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