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i stole this from my sister, :icontakoyakisoup: because I ... wanted to do it, and oh man, it was interesting seeing what her answers were.

Also it might be, well, nice to update everyone that I'm still here from time to time. There's just not much to DA for me nowadays, except for a few very super rad friends and my sister's art that she also likes to show me at home. > 3>


dA Username: HearTheVoices (I should change it)
Name: Darion
Nicknames and/or Preferred Names: Dara, Dari, Spira, Momo (my pals use them interchangeably)
Gender and Pronouns: Female, please.
Age: 21
Country: USA.
Zodiac Sign: Western: Aquarius; Otherwise: Rooster


Number of Past Accounts: uhhhh.... One.
Number of Past Usernames: One.
First Username: :iconmoltres157: so embarrassing, augh.
Original Join Date: Aug 16, 2008 (dang.)
Premium Member?: Nah, the only thing I'd use it for is like, journal skins, and I'm tired of these.
Watchers:  358, apparently. Jeez, y'alls still like my art even tho I only update it in bursts now. Thanks!
Deviations: 2408 as of writing this. Woops.
Favorites: 22,671. Yipes.


Favorite Digital Art Program: Sai Painter Pro, woops.
Favorite Traditional Art Medium: Honestly, I'm really particular to mechanical pencils and just any ol' sketchbook.
Favorite dA Artists: There's a lot. I'll just, uh, go with a couple... :iconraizy: :iconnoyiiarts:
Favorite Movies: Kung Fu Panda 2, Van Helsing, Lion King...
Favorite TV Shows: At the moment, Gurren Lagann, Digimon Season 1, Ghost Hunters, and a few seasons of Doctor Who. Steven Universe is pretty high up there too, and Gravity Falls.
Favorite Music Artists/Bands: I like Mumford & Sons a lot.
Fandoms You're Stuck In: Pokemon and Digimon forever. Everything else I've ever been in, to varying degrees at times, too.


Sexual Orientation: Pansexual.
Religious Affiliation?: I dunno, progressive Christian maybe? I'm Christian but I really love me some ladies and I dunno, I feel like everyone should have their right to live their life however they want to be, and marry whoever they want and stuff like that, and I want to support them in that, no matter what - whether they're trans, or gay, or asexual, or feel nonbinary, that kind of stuff. I just want people to be themselves without fear of being persecuted.
Pets: None. Wish I had a cat, though, it'd sure help me out around the house when my family's gone - that and I miss petting a cat...
Number of Family Members in Household: 5 1/2 (my big sister's preggos, yay!)
Scars?: Lots. Mostly on my shoulders, arms, and feet, and a couple on my hands. Stretch marks might also count?
Tattoos?: Nah, I don't think I could take the pain.
Piercings?: Nope. Kind of wanted to get my ears pierced once upon a time but I decided nah, since my hair would get tangled in earrings.
Alcohol?: Not usually, though I really like hard lemonade. I keep meaning to ask to pick up some.
Drugs?: Not my cup of tea.
Height: 5'5 or something, I dunno, maybe 5'6"?
Weight: Pretty overweight but man, I think I'm starting to get okay with that.


Digital or Traditional? Digital
Beach or Mountains? Beach!
Dolphins or Sharks? Sharks! WHALE SHARKS ARE ADORABLE.
Would you rather fight 100 third graders one at a time or 50 all at once?:  I don't wanna fight kids. :c I guess I'll let them all pile up on me.
On sunny days, you: like to go swimming.
On rainy days, you: Sleep in even later than usual and am grouchy. Or, if it's still warm, go outside and let the rain fall on me. it's nice.
On hot days, you: SWIM!
On cold days, you: Sleep in more.


1. I struggle with thinking I'm a good person because for some reason I've never felt like being even just a tiny bit negative - crying, not liking people sometimes, being grouchy, etc. - is even okay. I cry a lot and my sisters and mom have to comfort me about it a lot. I feel silly about it. But I know they love me despite it.

2. I'm actually kind of really glad that my big sister's going to have a kid, because I've got a dream that i've had since childhood: Reading a story to a child. However, due to being deaf-mute, I could never do that. But, this kid will learn how to sign, so I might finally be able to read a storybook to the kid. Maybe Where The Wild Things Are.

3. I'm very glad to hear that my big sister knows about Asexuality - I'd known she was Asexual for years and years, but wasn't sure if she knew the term or whatever. I'm glad to find that she knows now.

4. I finally talked to one of my very old friends from days old and reconnected with him and it feels like it's been a weight off of my chest, because damn, I really missed talkin' with him.

5. I genuinely love listening to people talk about whatever they want to talk about, no matter if I'm not interested in it, because I love hearing them talk about stuff they like. Want to talk about space? Go ahead, I'll love hearing about it every moment. Star Trek? Sure. Star Wars? Yeah. Ghosts? Yes.

6. I have a hard time talking to people about things, so much in fact that oftentimes if I tell one person a thing they'll tell other people the thing I told them and get it spread around, particularly among my boyfriend and a few other pals and my family. It's a nice way for me to not have to be confrontational, I guess, but I should be moreso...

7. I love fire so much that I'd probably be a pyromaniac if it weren't so wild and uncontrollable.

8. I think I've been pansexual with a strong lean to ladies ever since I was younger, and I didn't realize that until I was about 15 or so. I always liked girls when I was younger - I often liked them as my favorite characters and thought I'd like them to be around me, and I liked Saria a lot when I was still her age, like, 8-10. In comparison, my sisters tended to like boys much more than I did. I mean, I still liked boys anyway, but girls were just kind of more appealing to me, and still are.

9. Moving here to Arizona was the first time ever I'd been excited to move! Before, I got upset and bad anxiety, but when we drove down here, I was just ecstatic and so glad to be out of Oklahoma, after I heard all about Arizona. I'm glad we decided not to go to Texas or Washington.

10. I want to wear a suit someday; I think I'd look pretty okay in one.


How many OCs do you have? Too many.
What fandom do most of them belong to? Just original stories or tabletops, usually. I have a few fancharacters too.
Which one is your favorite? I dunno... It's really hard to pick. Maybe Azure or Scattersong.
Which one do you draw the most? Azure or vivian.
Do you commission work of them?  Sometimes.
Do you request work of them? Sometimes, but usually only for an art trade. Outside of that it's own people's prerogative.
Do you ship them with other people's characters, or your own? Both! Usually the first, though.
How do you keep track of them? Dunno, actually, they just pop up from time to time.
Are there any that you would make real if you had the chance? I don't know... Maybe Scattersong; she's very positive.


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