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January 13, 2011
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It wasn't a new copy of Soul Silver I had gotten possession of. I already had Heart Gold, but...

My friend, Endgame, had finally informed me there were certain Pokemon you could get only in Soul Silver and only in Heart Gold, but I wanted both. It was fun to have both versions, really; I could be a girl in one and a boy in the other! Or maybe not.

Either way, Soul Silver--I had gotten one off of... where else? ...Ebay, and it was used, yes. But I was sure it wasn't hacked; for one thing, everything worked fine. No weird things happened!

I had attained a party of Marble, an Eevee(who I wanted to evolve into an Umbreon); Ruffles, a Wigglytuff; Lynched, a Poliwhirl; Chi the Espeon(I bred her for my Eevee); a Typholsion named Fluffy; and lastly, a Girafarig named Ki.

After a month or so of owning Soul Silver, Endgame suggested to me Platinum--that way, I'd have even more fun! After all, just the first two generations wasn't quite so fun; platinum would have two further generations, so to speak.

Plus, I was starting to get obsessed with Pokemon.

So within a week, Dad had found me a used Platinum; he said it was barely used, and I was happy for this fact. So I popped it into my DS, asked Endgame if he'd help me trade my Eevee from my HG to Platinum, and got ready for this event.

He happily agreed, and we set it up; Marble was transferred safely to Platinum and now she, along with my Turtwig, were pals.

I soon got my first three badges; I was somewhat irritated that Marble wouldn't evolve, but at least my Turtwig, Naturi, was a Torterra(I did some 'grinding,' as Endgame called it), and I had caught a Bidoof named Bobba and a Shellos called Strawberry.

Within another month, I'd gotten all of the badges, gone through the Elite Four without incident(having caught a Stunky, called Puri, as well as a Ponyta called Fai). Everyone, but my Eevee, was evolved--and I was starting to get worried. Why wouldn't my Eevee evolve? I played mostly at night, and I had given her a Soothe Bell which would've made her like me more in this game...

I was complaining to Endgame about this when he suddenly sent me an image. I clicked on it--and instantly went into "oohs" and squeals. It was such a cute Pokemon! It was a orange bulb with two orange spikes on both the top of its head and the bottom of its small body; and it had blue-cyan energy around it. "Rotom," he told me it was called.

"I want one!" I typed to him happily, lying on my bed as always; my laptop on its side table.

'then go to the old chateau in the eterna forest.'

"Eh? there's an old house there?" I exclaimed, before typing out 'there's a house there?'

'yes, there is. go there, and go upstairs, then through the center door and into the very leftmost room.'


Happily, I grabbed my Platinum and set off to search for the so-covered Rotom. What would I call him?

As soon as I entered the house, a Gastly attacked me; Marble was sent out, and I saw that she was close to the next level. Squealing, I had her Bite the Gastly. It fainted, and when I exited the battle with a level-up, she evolved. I was so glad, I popped up her menu to switch from Pokemon to Pokemon curiously, watching her Umbreon's animation...

Then finally, I noticed something and went to, as always, ask Endgame about it.


'Yeah, it's in a kinda light purple box too.'

'wow! well, i should teach you about ev training... it'll take a while, but i will.'

'Ev training?'

'it is something that helps your pokemon be stronger; effort values...'

'And PKRS is important?'

'it's called pokerus, and yes. it doubles the ev points you get...'

And then he'd explained it all, and I was eager to try. I then continued beating up Gastlys.

After a while(130 or so ev points in sp.atk for my lovely new Umbreon), I decided enough was enough and I'd go find that so-wanted Rotom!

Happily, I entered the room Endgame had said to, and walked up to the tv. He'd said it might be creepy, but I didn't care.

Soon, Rotom exited the tv and I had caught it(in a free space in my party), and nicknamed it Tricky.

Curiosity took over, and I entered each room one by one. When I entered the last one, at the very right of the hall, I was surprised to find Marble was following me, like in HG/SS. It was interesting; in Platinum, they didn't follow you usually...

There was a girl in the room, and I watched with interest as she turned to face me and Marble.

The Umbreon sprite, however, ran ahead and, to my shock, I heard clear high-pitched screams coming from the mic; I dropped my DS and hurried to close my door, panting hard, eyes wide.

Then I returned to my DS, which had closed. I swallowed, took it, and opened it gingerly. I wish I hadn't; the screen was tinted red, everything was varying shades of red...

It wasn't blood, though. It was like in those pictures of doomsday things.

I was watching the screen cautiously, staring around for anything. My Umbreon was in the center of the screen--and the poor girl's sprite was under it. Somehow, they overlapped so exactly that Marble's maw was over the part of the girl's sprite where her head and body connected...

In an instant I realized what was going on. Marble was tearing apart this poor girl--and even as I watched, my crazed Umbreon tossed the poor thing's body. The girl crashed--with a real-sounding crash from the mic--into the wall; I swore I could hear something breaking, maybe a bone or two.

I quickly yelped, shut my eyes, and mashed down on the control pad after feeling my way across the surface of my ds. Soon, I opened my eyes and blinked. The screen wasn't red-tinted anymore.

Marble wasn't following me, either; she was back in her pokeball, but I was cautious.

I re-entered the room--and nothing. Not even any blood. Not any creepy music or anything. It was just the normal music, and I frowned. Might as well as make sure Marble was back to normal...

I opened up her screen. The purple PKRS bar was gone, but there was a face right where Endgame had said it would be after the PKRS faded.

It wasn't yellow and neutral, however... It was an angry red with slanted eyes and a frown.

Freaked out, I quickly left the menu, switched my Gastrodon with Marble so Marble would be in the back of the party, and hurried into Eterna, where I changed out Marble for a Murkow, which was my Flier--the one I used for the HM, Fly.

Eventually after a week, I asked Endgame to help me trade my favorite Pokemon to my Heart Gold.

At this time, I had forgotten all about Marble, but now that I looked at her lovely level-60 visage...

I sighed and put her into my party, replacing the Murkow. Yes; those guys would go ahead into Heart Gold, and Marble would return to her mother...

The trade went through without incident, and Endgame told me about the Ruins of Alph--they were interesting, I thought; I'd taken a glance into one and finished a puzzle, but then I had left.

He said there was much more to it, so I went there curiously, searching. I discovered much more, and with Marble following me, happily went into them to search for the deeper, hidden secrets that Endgame said were in them.

The first Pokemon I came across was an Unown; its shape was hard to discern, but Endgame pointed out in the end that it was G. Another one was E; the next one was a T...

Then the next one was a R--and then this one was an I... The next one was a D.

Now I knew what was coming next, but I still went on; the next Unowns that appeared spelled out "OF THE INFECTED ONE".

The Infected One--must be Marble.

I pulled up her status and checked it, then shuddered as I saw her sprite was different now; her eyes were wide and bloodshot, pink-white with red veins and small black pupils, there was white stuff around her maw, and there were claws on her paws now. Her usually-yellow rings were also now glowing a sickly white-gray.

I tried to leave the Ruins, but it wouldn't let me go up the stair. It kept saying "Marble wants to stay here!" when I tried.

So I finally resorted to using an escape rope; this let me out of the Ruins of Alph. But how to get rid of Marble? Release her, or... more drastically, get rid of the cartridge itself?

Shaking my head, I decided I would just release her; I hightailed it to Goldenrod--my favorite city of all--and tried to get to the Pokemon center.

Everything was different as soon as I entered it, though; Marble was walking in front of me, 'leading' me up to the counter. Nurse Joy looked quite... sad; her head was bowed and her skin was kind of pale.

When I took a step ahead, her sprite seemed to look straight toward me and I spoke to her, despite Marble separating us two.

"My... What have you done...?"

My eyes widened.

"Marble... has Pokerus. It is a rare but non-fatal form of virus that makes a Pokemon stronger... Or, that's what I used to think."

Somehow, she exited the area behind the counter and walked up to my side.

"Please, Sophia, follow me..."

I felt a bit afraid, but I still allowed myself and Marble to be led, watching with curiosity.

Then I realized, as soon as we exited the center, everything outside was... kind of gray-colored with red accenting colors.

"This... Look at the chaos."

She was right; there were no people around, and I couldn't hear any music at all, or any sounds.

"This... This happened when some trainers abused Pokerus... Or, rather, a rare form of it... I... wish we'd never discovered it... It has no cure, and it is best advised to let Pokemon go if they contract it."

Then a menu popped up--the yes/no option menu. I knew right at that moment that Joy was demanding that I let Marble go. I glanced at my DS screen, gauging my options.

Poor Marble.. would probably starve or something out in the wild; I'd raised her since birth, after all, and the games never said anything about Pokemon that had been raised solely by birth other than that they were stronger.

I swallowed and went to the computer, withdrawing my Murkow and replacing someone; I have no idea, but it definitely wasn't Marble.

Then I exited the Center, bid farewell to Joy(who said "You're going? Good luck. You won't find much, I assure you..."), and flew.

Where? I didn't care; I just closed my eyes, strolled, and clicked. Then when I opened my eyes, I saw I was in Blackthorn. Nurse Joy was right; there was nothing--it was the same colors as in Goldenrod; gray with tinted redness...

When I entered the Pokemon Center, all I saw was Joy. And from this, I assumed everyplace else was the same; gray with red tinges, no music, no sound at all; no people... Only the Nurse Joys were 'alive,' so to speak.

And Pokerus-infected Pokemon had done all of this?

I swallowed. There was, obviously, only one thing to do.

I went to the computer and chose Marble. From there, I chose "release".

It asked me thrice, not just once, if I wanted to release her. I replied yes.

When I finally did, it was a loud, angry howl - and then she was gone.

To be safe, I  restarted my Platinum as well, then shut off the games.

In the morning, I turned on my Heart Gold hesitantly and left Blackthorn's Center. Everything was normal now; cheerful, upbeat music, and everything was back to normal. Everyone was 'alive' again, and I was rejoicing so happily that I talked to every single person in the game.

Weeks passed and I was fine, having beaten Platinum once again, and having forgotten trying to raise an Umbreon--they were all bad news, I'd decided.

Endgame told me to go get a Rotom again, and I sighed. I would, but hopefully I wouldn't have to end up with a pokerus-infested Pokemon again...

I caught Rotom once again, and then out of sheer curiosity once again, I went over to the last room down the hall. Once I entered, I froze. There was that girl again. She seemed to smile at me--and then she turned around, facing the wall, and she took a few steps forward.

Then she vanished into the wall.

I stared in shock, but then I heard a few barks. My father shouted for me to come, so I dropped my DS on my bed and ran into the living room where he was, yelling at me to stay here while he went to where the gun cabinet was...

I heard a gunshot, and I felt my blood run before getting up slowly right before my father shouted "it's alright!"...

I came outside now, wondering what it was--and it was a black dog.

I walked over, noticed it was foaming, noticed its now-dead eyes were pale pink with red veins and it was snarling, and then noticed it was wearing a quite nice red collar.

I checked the tag, and it said: "Marble."

Choking on air, I ran back to my room, took up my DS, then dropped it again in shock.

Marble the Umbreon was sitting there in the center of the room, snarling; I could hear her snarling through the mic, through the DS's speakers, and - dare I even say it? It even sounded like her snarling was coming from outside my door...

I quickly left, turned off my game so it wouldn't save, and threw the Platinum cartridge across the room, where it ricocheted off the wall and slid under my bed.
ONCE AGAIN for :iconpokemoncreepy-pasta:~ 8D;

Okay, I'm hoping this one is... well, fairly more creepy... I hope it is. I went kinda crazy with two things I wanted do; and one was, of course, using an Umbreon--I love Umbreon, but I wanted to make it creepy. Not many people think Umbreon is creepy.

I do, 'cause it hides in the night and its rings glow somehow, and it's awesome. But yeah. 8D;

Cynophobia is fear of dogs, by the way.~

So, uh... Yeah. I'm hoping you guys enjoy this. XD

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
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